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Curriculum 2022-2023

Begin to understand that you are part of a wider world

  • Become part of the wider community

  • Begin to realise the diversity of the world and learn about different cultures

Embrace a love of the great outdoors

  • Demonstrate an increased knowledge of the natural world

  • Show a respect for nature and how to care for our world

  • Develop resilience, learn to manage risks and problem solve

Develop an intrinsic love of learning

  • Follow their curiosities, be playful and inquisitive

  • Be persistent, take on challenges and enjoy every achievement

  • Through playing and exploring, they will start to have their own interests and thinking

Show confidence in working with numbers

  • Experiment with their own symbols, marks and numerals

  • Confidently demonstrate counting

  • Show an understanding of some mathematical concepts

Your physical potential is limitless

  • To become increasingly independent with self-care and making healthy choices

  • To develop fine motor control

  • Show increasing control over large muscle movements

Have a voice

  • Engage in back-and-forth interactions

  • To be able to express their own wants and needs and share their opinions and ideas

  • Learn new words and build a rich vocabulary

Develop creativity and imagination

  • Take part in pretend play, use their own ideas and build up story lines

  • Engage in music and singing, create their own songs and melodies

  • Explore and play with a wide range of media and materials

Develop a love for literature

  • Explore mark-making and start to give meaning to those marks

  • Begin to recognise different text in books and in the environment

  • Enjoy sharing books with friends and with the adults

Develop a strong sense of self and well-being

  • Begin to recognise emotions and self-regulate

  • To have confidence in your own abilities

  • To develop strong and supportive relationships


Our Intent

This curriculum has been put together using the Development Matters guidance, the learning programmes set out in the Statutory Framework and our own goals for this year's cohort.

We have thought about what we would like to see our children achieve when they get to the end of the year and how we can get them to that point.

We use in-the-moment planning, so staff are highly skilled in spotting teachable moments and extending each child's learning. We do not have a set way of getting each child from A to B, as each child will learn in a different way and at a different level. Instead, we tailor the learning as we go along and ultimately this will hopefully see more children attaining high levels of achievement. We do some adult-led activities; these are often activities that need more support when first introduced or activities that are less open-ended and more specific. We use the environment and the resources to provide opportunities for all children to be curious and explore. We set out provocations that spark interest and inspire learning.


We record as many interactions and learning opportunities as possible on our white board.

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