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Our Committee

Little Thetford Acorns is a registered Charity run by a voluntary (unpaid) Management Committee made up of parents and carers who are all registered as Directors. This is an essential role as without the hard work of our Committee the setting cannot operate.

Our current Directors are:

  • Jackie - Chairperson

  • Stephanie - Secretary

  • Mihaela - Treasurer

  • Cassie - Director

  • Catherine - Director

  • Katherine - Director

  • Surrey - Director

  • Lizz - Director

  • Ellie - Director

Becoming a Committee member is a very fulfilling and lovely experience – building friendships and relationships with other parents/carers, working towards the same goal and providing the children at Little Thetford Acorns with safe and exciting childcare.

The Management Committee are responsible for the safe and efficient running of the building and services we offer, including management of staff, finances – pretty much everything!

The Committee is elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) held in October but we welcome new members throughout the year. There is typically a Committee meeting once every 4-6 weeks which lasts a few hours.

The Charity Commission's Trustee_Welcome_Guide (updated 2018) gives an overview of roles and responsibilities in more detail. Alternatively, A Committee Guide ( Nov 2021) goes into detail of what is involved with being on the Committee. If you are interested in becoming a Committee member and would like more information, please do not hesitate to speak to any of our current members or contact us.

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