Our Pre-School

At Little Thetford Acorns it is our aim to provide a safe, nurturing, fun & safe setting where your child is happy and secure and in which there is an atmosphere of mutual trust; where children know they are valued and respected.


Located just three miles out of Ely in Cambridgeshire,  our aim is to provide a setting where learning is exciting, is an intrinsic part of your children's play and all that they enjoy.  It is our intention to instill in your child a lifelong love of learning and to give them the social skills needed to contribute to the wider community. 


Our setting is well planned into zones that reflect the seven areas of learning and development in the Early Years Foundation Stage and include a role play area, writing & craft area & a large outdoor garden.  


We ensure that all children are given the opportunity to independently access resources that are available, to play in their favourite areas, and to move between indoor and outdoor play at their choosing.


The activities and loose topics planned by our highly qualified and knowledgeable staff are based around the children’s interests and developmental stage. Topics change on a weekly basis to ensure we are listening to and including the needs and interests of all our children.


Our Logo

Our colourful logo that is a representation of everything that is important to us and keeps us strong

- our valuable history, our present changes incorporating natural resources and Forest School and our future:

  • A representation of the beautiful and native oak tree that overhangs our garden which according to myth is "The most giving and loving tree"

  • Children's hand-print leaves to symbolise the growth of the children who share their precious early years with us

  • The solid trunk representing three bodies that make our setting whole and symbolises the importance of these partnerships:

    • Our children

    • Their families

    • Our pre-school


All key elements work together to make Little Thetford Acorns Preschool and Toddler Group full of love, security and growth.


                             Oakleigh - see if you can spot our friend Oakleigh around our website.  How many can you see?

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